Adult Literacy Program Revived

Mrs. Joyce Chitete during a refresher Course in Blantyre North ZoneAfter suffering a 1 year funding drought from Mary Sumner international—then Mother's Union Adult literacy program has now been revived as ADSM Adult Literacy Program under The Diocesan Development Board.

After Mary Sumner International had phased out its funding towards Mother's Union programs across the province, the adult literacy program was not exempted. The development saw a cut in the activities regarding literacy in the Diocese.
This development did not please the Bishop of the Diocese; Rt. Rev. Alinafe Kalemba who couldn't leave any stone unturned just to see the program revived.

By the grace God; Diocese of Texas in United States of America through our long time partnership, decided to provide a 1 years funding for the program to a tune of $20,000 upon receiving a convincing proposal.
The funding is to be used in refresher courses for circle teachers, establishment and training of new circle teachers, procurement of starter pack of leaning materials for prospective students, travel etc during the project.

The Diocese has also recalled the Diocese's long time adult literacy trainer Mrs. Joyce Chitete. Mrs. Chitete is a teacher by profession and has been in the ALP since its inception in the diocese.

Mrs. Joyce Chitete could not hide but share her happiness over the revamping of the program in the Diocese. "It was sad to noteCommunity volunteer Teachers showing received learning materials that such a beautiful and empowering program was dying a natural death" said Mrs. Chitete. Joyce further revealed to the ADSM News that, in the past, the program helped so many people especially women in many ways. Among other things the program improved business knowhow of many women and some women and men have developed carriers in teaching and shop keeping.

Conquering with Joyce, Bishop Alinafe expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Diocese of Texas for numerous programs that the Diocese is sponsoring in his Diocese. The Bishop promised to ensure that financial discipline among project implementers is enforced.

The program through the Texas funding has so far revived 35 out of over 150 Circles across the diocese and is yet to establish new Circles.

Mrs. Chitete highlighted some challenges as; lack of participation by men, poor funding does not always guarantee a good motivational package for teachers just to mention but a few.

The program involves teaching illiterate adults of communities into reading, writing and counting through discussing issues that are common in the communities.
The process is very exciting to watch, as you see adults who were once completely illiterate be able to form word and figures from letters and digits respectively.

By Tiyanjana Banda

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