Anglican Youth Donates At Thyolo Hospital Children's Ward

The Anglican youth of the Diocese of Southern Malawi on Easter Monday visited and donated assorted items worth MK200 000 at children’s ward, Thyolo Hospital.

The Youth Coordinator of the Diocese Tiyanjana Banda disclosed during his speech at the hospital that the donation has been made as one of the projects they do in reaching out to others every year.

“We as youth have several projects that we align every year and during festivals and one of it is reaching to those in hospitals especially children. This time we proposed Thyolo Hospital, Children’s ward in particular,” said Banda.

Matron and Ward in Charge at the Hospital, Mr. Mangulenje, welcomed the donation and said he was very pleased with what the

Youth have brought to the children and urged them to continue doing so to patients in other hospitals.

One of guardians also expressed her gratitude towards the gifts presented to them and their children.
“These gifts will serve us for at least a week or two and we really appreciate. We cannot afford buying these things for them,” she said.

The guardian further mentioned a number of things they are lacking on day to day basis at the hospital like bathing and washing soap, clothes and food items for both children and guardians as most do not afford to go out and search for food while their children are in hospital beds.

Over 50 youths from parishes across the diocese participated in the event.

Thyolo Hospital has at the moment 45 patients at the children ward admitted for various ailments.

By Elizabeth Mandala

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