Mother's Union Big Walk

9th to 13th August are the days that Mother’s union in the Anglican Council of Malawi have dedicated to Marry Sumner’s celebrations an annual event in commemoration of the founder of Mother’s Union worldwide.
Diocese of Southern Malawi are the host of the event which is expected to held at Lunzu Secondary School.
In preparation for the event, the mother’s Union of southern Malawi have organised a big Walk which is aimed at raising funds for the August event.
According to Mrs. Margaret Marobe, who is the Mother's union president for the Diocese; The big Walk is expected to raise over 1 million Kwacha which shall be used as the DSM MU's partial contribution towards the event.
The president also request all members of the church including the youth and other women groups to come out in large numbers in support for the walk. Big walk is on Saturday, 30th June 2018 starting from DSM to St. Paul's Cathedral.
By Tiyanjana Banda

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