Boys and Girls Brigade Finally Here

They say “It is the Faith imbedded inside prayer and corresponding action that brings the formless into tangible substance”
In the quest for the best means of nurturing the young people’s potentials; the Diocese, on 2nd August 2015, historically joined numerous global churches and other Christian organisations by introducing the Boys and Girls brigades in the Diocese.

The day saw the streets of Limbe—a market centre for the Blantyre city—beautifully and colourfully decorated as the yet to be commissioned boys and Girls with assistance from their sister Diocese of Upper Shire colleagues marched across the town in their black and white and Blue and white for Boys and Girls respectively.
On the day, Bishop Brighton Malasa of the Upper Shire Diocese took the honour of commissioning his yoke fellow Bishop Alinafe Kalemba as the Commander in chief of the Boys and Girls brigade of the Southern Malawi Diocese, in turn, the newly crowned commander in chief commissioned Captain Tiyanjana Banda—the Diocesan youth Coordinator—as the Chaplain of the Boys and Girls Brigade for the Diocese of Southern Malawi.

On the day; 11 boys and 10 Girls selected from 6 parishes of Chirimba, Chilomoni, Holy Innocents, Ndirande, South Lunzu and Chilobwe within the Diocese were commissioned as officers of both brigades. This was a pilot project and with time, it is expected to spread across all parishes of the diocese.

The Boys and Girls brigade is an interdenominational organisation that that aims at channelling young people’s energies towards Godliness services to God, themselves, other people and the rest of creation through Music, Bible activities, work, drills, Awareness campaigns, First Aid, Serving, tree planting etc, as solders of Christ are required to do.
Boys and Girls brigades are about team work, self discipline, work and appeal. Began on 14th October in 1883 by Sir William Smith, Boys and Girls Brigade has youths who go through it tagged with a reputation of hard work and self discipline wherever they go.

The leadership of the Diocese of southern Malawi believes in every young person’s potential of becoming the next huge thing in the society. The leadership also believes that only the nurtured and supported potentials can become the positive huge thing to the Church and the society at large. That is why it regards the youth ministry as best church investment ever hence launching of such in the diocese. The diocese paid for all three trainings of the officers and has committed itself to the purchase of a Brass Band for the Diocesan Boys and Girls brigade.

The commissioned Boys and Girls are expected go out and recruit other boys and girls from their respective parishes who are to form companies.

By Tiyanjana Banda

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