Bible studies

Youths in most parishes gather on Saturday mornings or afternoons depending on the parish and do bible studies. Mostly the bible studies are designed to address issues that young people are challenged with and also to tackle bad behaviours among young people: the studies mainly answer these questions:

  • What does God say about Dressing, Alcohol, Drugs, Parents etc
  • Does God really Exist?
  • Why am I Christian and not a Muslim?
  • Is heaven real?
  • Why do people still suffer when there exists such a big God?
  • What is my purpose in this life? etc

Bible games
Youths understand better through illustration and challenges, we have numerous games that help young people understand the bible very well and also think critically and challengingly about it. Such games include:

  • Word puzzles
  • Memory verses
  • Books of the Bible

Evangelism is the duty of every believer; we believe that with the enthusiasm, creativity and innovative skills that young people posse qualify them as best agents of the spread of the Gospel of Christ. The DSM youth department therefore trains young evangelists on how to evangelise communities and their fellow you people wherever they meet.

Church Doctrine
Whether we like it or not, young people are leaders of today’s church, they lead in music, worship. And for the sustainability of the church the best thing to do is to make sure that all information regarding our church in imparted to these young people at an earliest stage as possible.

The youth department has therefore has programs that ensures that youth are in the know of what forms the Anglican church while also allowing them to partake in the doctrines as they learn. These programs include:

  • Confirmation Classes
  • Server Classes
  • Trainings in Anglicanism etc

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