The diocese uses every gathering to train young people into entrepreneurship. Encouraging them to participate in the business world while young so as to understand how money works and be able to distinguish self employed life and employed life etc.
Some materials used for training include:
  • Message in a bottle (hyperlinked for downloading)
Young people in the Diocese also participate in entrepreneurial activities such as rearing of animals, T-shirt sales, Ushering, art and craft, Catering etc for sale as individuals or groups. 
Credit and Savings Facility
Taking advantage of various groupings found in the youth department, we figured it was a good platform of initiating saving principles among young people. Savings and credit facilities help young people to be active, understand money and also allow them to buy other things from their pocket. For child headed household, savings and credit facilities are of even great importance because they help in the running of small businesses for sustaining their households 

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