Bishop's trophy

The Bishop's trophy is the diocesan youth's attempt to bring parishes, archdeaconries and the diocese as a whole closer together. So far, the department has used events such as the night of prayers, youth open day, and the annual retreat. These have yielded good results but the spirit of continuous improvement, the department would like to explore more alternatives to ensure greater unity.

It is believed that greater unity among the youths in the diocese can be achieved by creating more creative methods of interaction among them. The more they interact the more chances they have of building a stronger understanding. The better the understanding the stronger the church as a whole will become. With the youth forming over 60% of the church's population, it is imperative that this unity is achieved.

The bishop's trophy is collection of competitions that will be carried out at archdeaconry level and concluded at the youth open day. The idea is to have this as an annual event with a fixed time schedule so as to give the youth's something to look forward to every year. The page below contains the church structure, this will be the basis of the fixture list.

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