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Dating seminars
Relationships are undeniably the hottest topic of discussions among people, with the highest access to Media and Internet. Young people are really confused on how best to go about the issue. As the church, we feel it is our obligation to constantly remove the confusion by providing the ultimate answer on this topic, The Godly view on issue.

The seminars take the young people through an interactive biblical blue print of a typical Christian relationship from Dating through Courtship to Marriage, while comparing it with the worldly view. The discussions answer questions such as:
When is the right time to start?
How do I know if he/she is the right one?
How long can we court?
Where is the red line in as far as feelings are concerned?
What happens during courtship?
What exactly is marriage? Etc

Initiation ceremonies
Initiation ceremonies are part of us; they are part of our identity as Africans and we believe that God is the respecter of culture; he uses culture to reach his people. In acknowledgement; the department therefore uses the principles of a typical traditional initiation with a Christian approach to teach young people about morals in society: the ceremonies deal with issues such as:
Faith studies
Living with others
Boy/Girl Relationships

Parents youth 101
There are great suspicions between elders and youth of a church, with elders viewing youth as rebellious, rude, stubborn, difficult to work with etc. and on the other hand, youth viewing the elders as controlling, bossy, inconsiderate etc. These suspicions have brought a great gap in the church, Instead of the church benefiting from the combination of the experience and the wisdom of the elders and the energy and innovativeness of the younger generation. Parents, Youth 101, aims at bringing both parties together in a non church setting and have them discuss issues together, air out suspicions and map how they can work together in bringing about church growth.

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